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It all started back in London. For the best part of ten years Rebecca Shine was immersed in what was to become one of the strongest lifestyle brands and products of our time: Red Bull.
— The Scott King Show

what's new AT NY SHINE?

Brand strategy with JIBS LIFE

Jibs: The Brazilian, perforated leather, beach to city shoes.

Made in Brazil. Raised in New York. Traveled worldwide. 

Founded in the Summer of 2015 in New York City by Natalie KathleenJibs Life is the result of a passion for life, style and travel and a reflection of the values we hold high; adventure, life energy and the excitement of discovery.

This perforated leather slip on shoe is simplicity and classic style meeting head on with contemporary flair and comfort.

From work to gym, gym to date, play to work and back again.  Start your #jibsjourney