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in the beginning


It all started back in London.  For the best part of ten years I was immersed in what was to become one of the strongest lifestyle brands and products of our time; Red Bull. My time with this hedonistic energy drink, synonymous with extreme sports and late night escapades, was a thrilling rollercoaster ride with a highly charged team; fully fueled with fun, boundless creativity, and a passion to make stuff happen, fast.

The beauty and success of a strong and successful brand lies in a deep and well designed foundation.

Through NY Shine I draw on my experience when working with business owners to develop a brand identity and marketing strategy with deep and strong foundations.

The process is streamlined, executable and effective; and if I can help you have fun along the way, even better.

Click here for "Reverse Engineering Red Bull" interview with Scott King

From london to NYC


I came to NYC ten years ago and in that time my family has developed a foundation and grown roots in our neighborhood and the city. We both have our identity in this fierce city and identify with others.

I'm often asked about names and logos as identifiers. In business as in our personal lives developing identity is a process. It's not only the result of a strong name, mark or logo, but a strong series of actions and messages, both overt and covert, which take time to develop and be expressed consistently to come together to create a 3 dimensional brand concept.

My advice? Differentiate, be bold and take the road less trodden to find your identity.


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at play


This is how I like to spend my down time and keep my energy levels high. Training helps me stay driven, focused, maintain perspective and retain my sense of humor. 

If you want to see what else I get up to with family, friends and co workers check out my Instagram.