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in the beginning


It all started back in London.  For the best part of ten years I was immersed in what was to become one of the strongest lifestyle brands and products of our time; Red Bull. My time with this hedonistic energy drink, synonymous with extreme sports and late night escapades, was a thrilling rollercoaster ride with a highly charged team; fully fueled with fun, boundless creativity, and a passion to make stuff happen, fast.

The beauty and success of a strong and successful brand lies in a deep and well designed foundation.

Through NY Shine I draw on my experience when working with business owners to develop a brand identity and marketing strategy with deep and strong foundations.

The process is simple, executable and effective; and if I can help you have fun along the way, even better.

From london to NYC


I came to NYC nine years ago and in that time my family has developed a strong foundation and grown roots in our neighborhood. You could say I finally found my home.

I'm often asked about names and logos as identifiers. I think my family name, like a mark, reflects and identifies everything brand "Shine" stands for. Any business owner will understand this is a process. It's not only the result of a strong name, mark or logo, but a strong brand and personality, which takes time to develop and express consistently.

My advice? Differentiate, be bold and take the path less trodden.


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at play


This is how I spend my down time; it's how I keep my energy levels high. Boxing and Muay Thai help me stay driven, focused, maintain perspective and retain my sense of humor. 

If you want to see what else I get up to with family, friends and co workers check out my Instagram.